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At Fuji Arts, quality, low-cost shipping is our priority! Calculate your shipping cost and visit our shipping department here-

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One team member prepares your order for shipping, while another checks it for accuracy. Your parcel will arrive on time, accurate, and packed with care!
We ship over 5,000 parcels every year to every corner of the world. Fuji Arts' shipping department provides service excellence every step of the way.
Shipping daily around the globe: Houston $12, Hong Kong $30, New York $12, Tokyo $34, Munich $33, Paris $32, Los Angeles $13, London $33. Fuji Arts ships everywhere inexpensively!
Special Requests? Please contact the shipping department with your specific requirements. You'll always get a prompt, expert response. Email fadden@fujiarts.com or ask the sales desk for help.
Fuji Arts shares the shipping cost with big discounts below retail! Select your preferred shipping service, domestic or international - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the cost.

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Jared Fadden
Logistics Manager


Fuji Arts Sales Desk:

or call the shipping or sales desk at 734-994-3335
A helpful team member is standing by ready for your call!