Yuge (Vapor), 1929

by Torii Kotondo (1900 - 1976)

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Yuge (Vapor), 1929 by Torii Kotondo (1900 - 1976)

Original Torii Kotondo (1900 - 1976) Japanese Woodblock Print
Yuge (Vapor), 1929

Torii Kotondo - A native of Tokyo, Torii Kotondo was one of the great shin-hanga masters who excelled in the art of the beauty print. Prints such as his exquisite nude "Kamisuki," the demure beauty in the print titled "Sash," and his lovely image of a young woman in winter in "Peony Snowflakes" are all classic examples of Kotondo's mastery of bijin-ga. Kotondo's prints are considered some of the most stunning beauty designs and great masterworks of the 20th century woodblock print tradition. His output of prints was a very small (22 works total), and the number of prints produced of each image was also limited. Original Kotondo prints are very rare and highly sought after by collectors today.

Comments - Lovely portrait of a young woman in the bath, looking down with a pensive expression as she pats the side of her face with a light blue cloth. Her hair is pulled back into a soft bun delicately framing her face, adorned with a colorful comb and a red tie-dyed ribbon. The steam or vapor rising from the hot water of the bath is rendered with swirling baren marks softly shaded from blue to gray, contrasting beautifully with her pale skin tones. An exquisite shin-hanga beauty subject and a fantastic choice for a collector. This limited edition print from a release of 100 woodblocks features the embossed title "Yuge" in the lower margin, with the publisher "Sakai/Kawaguchi" embossed in the lower left margin. It features an embossed seal on the reverse that is hand numbered 47 in black ink.

Signed - Kotondo ga
Sealed - Kotondo
Publisher - Sakai/Kawaguchi
Numbered - 47/100

Artist - Torii Kotondo (1900 - 1976)

Image Size - 16 1/8" x 10 1/4" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent detail. A few small creases at edges and faint stains.

Yuge (Vapor), 1929 by Torii Kotondo (1900 - 1976)
Yuge (Vapor), 1929 by Torii Kotondo (1900 - 1976)
Yuge (Vapor), 1929 by Torii Kotondo (1900 - 1976)

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