Makeup of Umeo, 1940

by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

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Makeup of Umeo, 1940 by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

Original Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970) Japanese Woodblock Print
Makeup of Umeo, 1940

Series; Eighteen Kabuki Makeups (Kabuki kumadori juhachi ban)

Eighteen Kabuki Makeups - Fantastic portrait from an outstanding series by Tadamasa Ueno illustrating eighteen classic styles of kabuki makeup titled "Eighteen Kabuki Makeups" (Kabuki kumadori juhachiban). Watanabe published this great series from 1940 - 1941, issuing one print per month for eighteen months with a bonus, 19th print showing a Sanbaso makeup for New Year's. These bold designs feature incredibly expressive figures, the compositions often dramatically cropped to focus on the facial features and hairstyles. Rendered with strong calligraphic strokes and vivid color, these images bring the spectacular world of kabuki to life.

After the release of the first series, Watanabe began a second series of prints titled "Continuation of Eighteen Kabuki Makeups" (Zoku kumadori juhachi ban). Because of shortages during WWII, only 7 prints from the series were completed, all published in 1941. Images from both these WWII series are quite rare and are a terrific choice for a kabuki or shin-hanga enthusiast.

Special detail - Burnishing on the hair.
Publisher - Watanabe, with "C" seal, 1932 - 1942

Artist - Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

Image Size - 15" x 9 5/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent color and detail.

Makeup of Umeo, 1940 by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)
Makeup of Umeo, 1940 by Tadamasa Ueno (1904 - 1970)

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