Graveyard of Sengakuji, 1945

by Azechi Umetaro (1902 - 1999)

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Graveyard of Sengakuji, 1945 by Azechi Umetaro (1902 - 1999)

Original Azechi Umetaro (1902 - 1999) Japanese Woodblock Print
Graveyard of Sengakuji, 1945

Series; Scenes of Last Tokyo

Scenes of Last Tokyo - In 1945, Fugaku Shuppansha published a portfolio of 15 prints by nine different artists illustrating scenes of Tokyo. It is believed that the phrase "Last Tokyo" in the title was a typographical error that should have read "Lost Tokyo." Published a few months after Japan's surrender, many of the subjects depicted suffered damage or destruction during WWII. The images recall these important places that had so much history and meaning for Japan. The artists were all members of the Japanese Print Association working in the sosaku hanga or creative prints movement. This great series includes early designs by artists such as Junichiro Sekino and Kiyoshi Saito, who would go on to gain prominence in the sosaku hanga tradition. Rarely seen in the market, these prints are a great choice for a collector interested in modern Japanese woodblocks.

Graveyard of Sengakuji, 1945 - Handsome sosaku hanga view of the graveyard at Sengakuji, tall stone monuments framing a small plaza surrounded by trees. At lower left, the head of a woman can be seen from behind, while at right, a man in a bowler hat carrying an umbrella is accompanied by his daughter wearing a sailor suit. The rich, muted colors enhance the somber feeling of the subject. A terrific chance to purchase a rare, early design by Umetaro, who achieved prominence for his sosaku hanga prints in the 1960s.

Artist - Azechi Umetaro (1902 - 1999)

Image Size - 7 1/8" x 9 1/2" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Slight paper remnants on reverse at top corners from previous mounting. Slight toning. Please see photos for details. Nice overall.

Graveyard of Sengakuji, 1945 by Azechi Umetaro (1902 - 1999)
Graveyard of Sengakuji, 1945 by Azechi Umetaro (1902 - 1999)

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