Bando Hikosaburo as Yaegiri

by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

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Bando Hikosaburo as Yaegiri by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

Original Kunichika (1835 - 1900) Japanese Woodblock Print
Bando Hikosaburo as Yaegiri

Series; Twenty-four Favorites of Enlightenment, 1877
A Fuji Arts Special Offer Auction

Twenty-four Favorites of Enlightenment - Handsome design from a rarely seen Kunichika series pairing kabuki portraits with small scenes extolling modern inventions or modernized activities from the Meiji era, the "Enlightenment" of the title. These examples include rickshaws, streetlights, telegraph lines, steamships, and horse-drawn carriages. The figures are beautifully drawn and detailed with lively color, set off by a deep red background framed by a yellow border featuring confetti-like shapes. Some images includes deluxe publishing techniques such as burnishing and embossing. The series title is sometimes translated as "Twenty-four Favorites of New Civilization" or "Twenty-four Favorites of the Meiji Restoration." An interesting and unusual series.

Special detail - Burnishing on the black areas of the kimono, faint embossing on the hat.

Artist - Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

Image Size - 13 1/2" x 9 1/4"

Condition - Nice color and detail. A couple repairs.

Bando Hikosaburo as Yaegiri by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)
Bando Hikosaburo as Yaegiri by Kunichika (1835 - 1900)

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