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Payments and Order Processing FAQ's

General Questions

General Questions

How do I pay for my purchase(s)?
To use the check out system to pay for your web order:

  1. Log in to your account by clicking on the "Your Account" link in the upper right.
  2. Once you are signed in, click on the "Send Payment" button on the green bar near the top of the page to view your Current Order.
  3. Select your method of payment, and then follow the instructions that are shown.

For details about other methods of payment, please review the information in the next question.
What types of payment do you accept?
PayPal (2 options) -
  • Use the Fuji Arts PayPal check out system from your "Current Order" page, OR ...
  • If you would instead like to submit a payment from, use "" as the payee's account.

Credit card (2 options) -
  • Use the Fuji Arts Credit Card check out system from your "Current Order" page, OR ...
  • If you would instead like us to manually charge your card, send us a message indicating so, and we will then send you instructions for transmitting your card information.

Personal check or money order -
  • Send your check and a copy of your invoice/current order to:

    Fuji Arts Inc.
    320 S. Main St.
    Suite B
    Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Note: Please allow 7 business days for personal checks to clear.

Bank wire -
  • If you would like to pay via bank wire, send us a message indicating so, and we will then send you instructions for transmitting payment.
Do you offer combined shipping for multiple items?
Absolutely! At Fuji Arts, you pay only one low shipping charge per shipment, no matter how many prints you purchase. This applies to both domestic and international shipments.
Can you hold an order I have placed so I can combine future purchases into one shipment?
We are happy to hold on to your order while you continue purchasing. Just send us a message when you make your first purchase, indicating that you would like us to hold your order. Then, let us know when you are ready for us to ship. We will send you an invoice if there is any remaining balance on your order.

If you are purchasing over a few weeks, we ask that you make a weekly payment on outstanding orders to keep your account current. Once you have submitted a shipping charge for this order, we will then set your account to be FREE from any further shipping charges until this order has been shipped.
I added an item to my Current Order 30 minutes ago and now it is gone. What happened?
If you are a new member to our site, payment for any item you add to your order must be remitted within 30 minutes from the time of your order. If payment is not received, the order will be canceled and the item will be put back into inventory.

VIP members are welcome to remit payment within 14 days at their earliest convenience - items ordered will not be automatically canceled. VIP status is granted only to established Fuji Arts members. To request VIP status, please send us a message.
What is your return policy?
At Fuji Arts Inc. we will accept your return for refund of the purchase price (excluding shipping) on all items that are paid for within 14 days of ordering and shipped within 14 days of payment. Returns must be made within 10 days of receipt and any item returned must be in the same condition as sent. If you intend to return an item please contact us immediately for specific instructions.

Please bear in mind that returning items is not a desirable outcome of a transaction. Items purchased at auction may have been purchased by another bidder, fixed price items are often one of a kind and might have sold elsewhere. To keep prices low, we need to keep returns to a minimum. Please recognize our commitment to great service, and help us make returns rare.