Bad News Travels Quickly

by Kyosai (1831 - 1889)

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Bad News Travels Quickly by Kyosai (1831 - 1889)

Original Kyosai (1831 - 1889) Japanese Woodblock Print
Bad News Travels Quickly

Series; One Hundred Pictures by Kyosai, 1862 - 1866
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One Hundred Pictures by Kyosai - Terrific print from Kyosai's comic series "One Hundred Pictures by Kyosai." These amusing views illustrate humorous mishaps and incidents, poking fun at everyday life or imagining encounters with supernatural creatures. Several subjects feature animals in the guise of humans, such as birds dressed in kimono or foxes taunting men. A student of Kuniyoshi, Kyosai was known as a master of comic and satiric designs. Finely drawn with a realistic attention to detail, these prints would make an unusual and interesting addition to any woodblock collection. The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has many images from this series in its collection.

Artist - Kyosai (1831 - 1889)

Image Size - 6 5/8" x 4 1/2" + margins as shown

Condition - Good color and detail. Wrinkling throughout. Some prints have a few repairs.

Bad News Travels Quickly by Kyosai (1831 - 1889)
Bad News Travels Quickly by Kyosai (1831 - 1889)

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