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Snow, 1852 by Kunisada II (1823 - 1880)

Original Kunisada II (1823 - 1880) Japanese Woodblock Print
Snow, 1852

Series; Moon, Snow, and Flowers

Snow, 1852 - Attractive scene of Prince Genji and two beauties enjoying a stroll through the snow along the banks of the water. A servant shelters the young nobleman under an umbrella, while his sword bearer kneels at right. He wears a fantastic black coat with a fierce dragon on it over a white kimono tucked into full hakama pants. The young beauty at right hurries to join the rest of the group, lifting the edge of her red chrysanthemum print robe as she walks along on tall wooden geta clogs. Pine trees frame the view of the river and the opposite shore. A handsome design, nicely detailed with embossing io the white kimono trim and Genji's white kimono.

Artist - Kunisada II (1823 - 1880)

Image Size - 14" x 29"

Condition - Good detail. Slight thinning along vertical folds at sides, a few holes, repaired. A few creases.

Snow, 1852 by Kunisada II (1823 - 1880)
Snow, 1852 by Kunisada II (1823 - 1880)

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