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Trees, 1960 by Yoshiharu Kimura (born 1934)

Original Yoshiharu Kimura (born 1934) Japanese Woodblock Print
Trees, 1960

Yoshiharu Kimura - Born in Tokyo, Yoshiharu Kimura studied with the famous sosaku hanga artist Tadashi Nakayama. Kimura is best known for his colorful woodblock prints of birds, often with the sun, moon, or stars. His whimsical designs feature subdued or bright colors, simplified flat patterning, and many include accents of metallic silver and gold. These playful and creative subjects make fantastic framed displays. Each print is signed in the bottom margin, making them a wonderful choice for the contemporary collector.

Signed - Yoshiharu Kimura in ink in bottom margin, dated 1960
Numbered - 2/30

Artist - Yoshiharu Kimura (born 1934)

Image Size - 9" x 15" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent color and detail. Creasing at edges.

Trees, 1960 by Yoshiharu Kimura (born 1934)
Trees, 1960 by Yoshiharu Kimura (born 1934)