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Spring Breeze by Hirakawa Toshio (1924 - 2006)

Original Hirakawa Toshio (1924 - 2006) Japanese Woodblock Print
Spring Breeze

Series; Four Seasons of Pagoda

Four Seasons of Pagoda - Lovely woodblock from Hirakawa Toshio's series "Four Seasons of Pagoda," depicting a pagoda throughout the year framed by cherry blossoms in spring, bamboo in summer, maple leaves in autumn, and bare trees in winter. These large format designs were beautifully printed by Maria Shobo in a limited edition of 200 per design, each signed in ink and numbered in pencil in the bottom margin. Subtle gradations of color and soft shading create atmospheric, evocative images.  A wonderful contemporary series that would make an attractive framed display.

Hirakawa Toshio - Hirakawa Toshio is well-known as both a painter and woodblock print artist. He became a member of the Sogakai or Creative Society painting group in 1974, the year it was founded. He traveled to Europe and China, and was invited to exhibit in the 1989 Europalia, a prestigious international arts festival, held in Moscow that year. His tranquil landscapes have a painterly appearance, and are rarely seen on the market. A great opportunity for a collector interested in contemporary Japanese art.

Signed - In ink in lower right margin
Numbered - 30/200

Artist - Hirakawa Toshio (1924 - 2006)

Image Size - 18" x 13 1/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Beautiful color and detail. A couple creases at edges, a couple small spots in margin. Otherwise excellent condition.

Spring Breeze by Hirakawa Toshio (1924 - 2006)
Spring Breeze by Hirakawa Toshio (1924 - 2006)