Offered in the Fuji Arts Clearance - only $24.99!

by Tomioka Tessai (1836 - 1924)

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Offered in the Fuji Arts Clearance - only $24.99! by Tomioka Tessai (1836 - 1924)

Original Tomioka Tessai (1836 - 1924) Japanese Woodblock Print
Offered in the Fuji Arts Clearance - only $24.99!

Series; Four Seasons of Flowers, 1907

Tomioka Tessai - Considered one of the great modern painters of the early twentieth century in Japan, Tomioka Tessai was also a scholar, calligrapher, and potter, as well as a Shinto priest. His paintings are known for their vivid brushwork and spontaneity, combining traditional Japanese painting with his interest in Chinese art to create a distinct modern style. In 1917, the Emperor appointed him his painter-in-waiting. Tomioka Tessai's work is not well known outside Japan, but he was the subject of an exhibit at the National Museum of Asian Art in Washington, DC, in 2023 - 2024.

Four Seasons of Flowers - Lovely design from Tomioka Tessai's series "Four Seasons of Flowers," published by Unsodo in Meiji 40 (1907). Tomioka based his designs on paintings by Sakai Hoitsu (1761 - 1828), who is credited with reviving the historic Rinpa School of painting during the Edo era. The series comprises ten volumes of colorful flowers and blossoming trees and shrubs for the four seasons. These handsome woodblocks feature interesting compositions, ranging from bold closeups to airy depictions of delicate leaves and blossoms, carefully colored and detailed. An attractive series to collect or display. The prints in this group are from a later edition by the original publisher.

Artist - Tomioka Tessai (1836 - 1924)

Image Size - 9" x 12 3/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Nice color and detail. Vertical centerfield. Some print have a couple small spots or marks.


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Offered in the Fuji Arts Clearance - only $24.99! by Tomioka Tessai (1836 - 1924)
Offered in the Fuji Arts Clearance - only $24.99! by Tomioka Tessai (1836 - 1924)