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Masao Ido

Early life

Born to parents from Kyoto, Masao Ido grew up in Iwate Prefecture, where his family moved the year after his birth. Returning to Kyoto while in junior high, he apprenticed to a textile dyer, and by age twenty was designing and dying his own obi and kimono fabric.

Woodblock printing

After seeing the work of Kiyoshi Saito, Masao Ido began to study woodblock printmaking, eventually opening his own workshop and gallery in Kyoto in 1982 to promote the art of traditional Japanese woodblocks.

Known for his serene landscape prints, Ido found inspiration in Kyoto and the surrounding countryside. His tranquil images of gardens, quiet streets, temple gates, and hillside views reflect his interest in nature and the changing seasons. A simplicity of form and a masterful layering of subtle color to achieve a sense of depth and richness distinguish his prints.

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