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Thin by Tokuoka Shinsen (1896 - 1972)

Tokuoka Shinsen (1896 - 1972) Japanese Woodblock Reprint

Comments - Attractive large format, modern woodblock of four stalks of grass topped with feathery seedheads. The plants are set off by a delicately shaded pink and gray background, creating a striking design. Kyoto painter Tokuoka Shinsen studied with Takeuchi Seiho, initially working in a realistic style that became progressively modern, simplifying forms and layering colors to create a new style of Japanese painting. He received the Order of Culture in 1966 for his contributions to Japan's art. A great choice for display. A text page in Japanese attached to the back features Shinsen's comments about the subject.

Artist - Tokuoka Shinsen (1896 - 1972)

Image Size - 13 1/4" x 18" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. A couple light creases at edges and marks. Please note, due to the size, this print may be shipped rolled. Please see photos for details.

Thin by Tokuoka Shinsen (1896 - 1972)
Thin by Tokuoka Shinsen (1896 - 1972)