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Cart Wheels by Tomoaki Iida (active Showa era)

Original Tomoaki Iida (active Showa era) Japanese Woodblock Print
Cart Wheels

Series; Spring's Dyed Obi, 1932

Spring's Dyed Obi - Attractive woodblock from a series by the artists Tomoaki Iida and Sugimura Sanko depicting patterns for obi, the sash or belt worn with a kimono. These lovely images feature seasonal flowers along with more stylized, decorative designs in soft, muted colors. Some prints feature accents of metallic silver or gold pigment, or embossing. Published by Maria Gabo of Kyoto in Showa 7 (1932), these interesting prints offer a wonderful look at textile design in the pre-WWII era, and are a nice choice for display. The first time we've seen this series.

Artist - Tomoaki Iida (active Showa era)

Image Size - 9 5/8" x 4 1/4"

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Slight rippling at side and toning, a few small marks. Please see photos for details.

Cart Wheels by Tomoaki Iida (active Showa era)
Cart Wheels by Tomoaki Iida (active Showa era)

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