Pheasant and Chrysanthemums

by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

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Pheasant and Chrysanthemums by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

Hiroshige (1797 - 1858) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Pheasant and Chrysanthemums

Publisher - Adachi from a rare series of Edo masterwork designs. Adachi publisher seal in margin or on reverse.

Adachi was one of the most respected publishers of the 20th century. Their woodblocks were printed to the highest standards with excellent color and fine detail. Founded in 1925, Adachi also chose interesting and varied subjects for their prints and was the only publisher of many famous old ukiyo-e images.

Comments - Lovely design by Hiroshige featuring a pheasant perched on a rocky ledge, framed by colorful chrysanthemums. The feathers of the bird are beautifully embossed and detailed, and the background is softly shaded from light gray to green. A classic Hiroshige kacho-e (birds and flowers print) subject, perfect for display. The verse at top left reads:

Chrysanthemum scent --
every time a drop of dew
drips down from inside!

Woodblock reprints - In the 20th century, artists and publishers collaborated to recreate famous woodblock prints for interested Japanese collectors and Westerners looking for rare designs. New blocks were made, and the prints were painstakingly printed by artisan printers in the same method as the 19th century originals - one block for each color. Woodblock reprints were an opportunity to collect and enjoy a famous design at a small fraction of the price of an original. They still are today.

Artist - Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)

Image Size - 15" x 6 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent with no issues to report.

Pheasant and Chrysanthemums by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)
Pheasant and Chrysanthemums by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)