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Boating Fan Print by Shin-hanga & Modern artist (unsigned)

Original Shin-hanga & Modern artist (unsigned) Japanese Woodblock Print
Boating Fan Print

Fan-shaped Booklet of the Lotus Sutra - Handsome fan print based on the 12th century "Fan-shaped Booklet of the Lotus Sutra," a Japanese National Treasure housed at Shitenno-ji Temple in Osaka. These charming Heian era scenes depict nobles and commoners in everyday life, reminiscent of illustrations for the "Tale of Genji." Published by Oedo Mokuhansha and distributed by the Masterpiece Ukiyo-e Preservation Society, the prints were sold by subscription with one design issued each month. These deluxe printings feature dustings of gold and silver mica and squares of gold and silver leaf, emulating the original booklet. The first time we've seen this interesting and unusual set. A nice choice for a collector interested in classic Japanese art.

Artist - Shin-hanga & Modern artist (unsigned)

Image Size - 11 1/4" x 21 1/4"

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Slight paper remnants on reverse at top corners from original publisher mounting. Please note, the notch at the top edge was used for aligning the blocks when printing. Please see photos for details. Excellent condition overall.

Boating Fan Print by Shin-hanga & Modern artist (unsigned)
Boating Fan Print by Shin-hanga & Modern artist (unsigned)

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