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Flower, 1979 by Iwata Sentaro (1901 - 1974)

Original Iwata Sentaro (1901 - 1974) Japanese Woodblock Print
Flower, 1979

Series; Three Selected Woodblock Prints, 1979

Iwata Sentaro - Born in Tokyo, Iwata Sentaro studied with the famous shin hanga artist Ito Shinsui, and is best known for his portraits of beautiful women done after WWII. His attractive designs of contemporary beauties feature graceful flowing line work and striking compositions, creating a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese bijin genre. Many feature delicate bokashi shading, such as a soft pink flush on the cheeks or eyes, or subtle shadows along the neck to add depth and definition. Some are posed portraits, but others capture the women seemingly unaware during quiet, reflective moments, offering an intimate glimpse at their world. A great choice for a collector of contemporary woodblocks, these lovely prints would also make wonderful framed displays.

Three Selected Woodblock Prints - This lovely portrait comes from a limited edition series of three beauties, carved and printed by the Adachi Publisher Institute for the Mainichi Shinbun (The Daily News) in Showa 54 (1979). The print is number 29/450, although the print itself is not numbered (see certificate below, not included). It comes loose in the original folder as issued, with the series and print titles on the cover. An attractive modern beauty design in the original presentation format.

Special detail - Gold mica accents on the hair ornaments.

Artist - Iwata Sentaro (1901 - 1974)

Image Size - Image 15" x 10 1/2" + margins as shown; folder 20 1/8" x 14 1/4"

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Slight toning, slight rippling from printing process. Please see photos for details.

Flower, 1979 by Iwata Sentaro (1901 - 1974)
Flower, 1979 by Iwata Sentaro (1901 - 1974)
Flower, 1979 by Iwata Sentaro (1901 - 1974)
Flower, 1979 by Iwata Sentaro (1901 - 1974)