Tanabata Festival

by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

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Tanabata Festival by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Original Chikanobu (1838 - 1912) Japanese Woodblock Print
Tanabata Festival

Series; Annual Events in Prosperous Edo
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Tanabata Festival - Terrific scene of beauties celebrating the Tanabata Festival, enjoying a view of the festivities from an upper story verandah. In the center a young girl leans eagerly over the railing, watching as traditional displays of bamboo adorned with poem slips and streamers flutter in the wind across the city. At right, a beauty looks up from playing the koto, while behind her a matron carries a tray full of sweets. Paper lanterns decorated with flowers hang overhead, and stars twinkle in the evening sky. A charming depiction of this annual holiday. A rarely seen Chikanobu subject.

Artist - Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Image Size - 14" x 27 3/4"

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Three separate panels, backed with paper. Small losses at corners, a few small tears at edges and holes, repaired. Slight toning and soiling, creasing at edges, a few spots, light stain. Please see photos for details.

Tanabata Festival by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)
Tanabata Festival by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

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