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Kuwana by Fujikawa Tamenobu (Meiji era)

Original Meiji era Japanese Woodblock Print

Series; The Shank's Mare Tokaido, 1918

The Shank's Mare Tokaido - Jippensha Ikku's famous novel "Tokaidochu Hizakurige" or "Shank's Mare Tokaido" chronicles the comic adventures of his two heroes, Yajirobei and Kitahachi, as they make their way from Tokyo to Kyoto along the famed Tokaido road in the early 19th century. The two country yokels Yaji and Kita experience a range of humorous mishaps as they travel from one station to the next. The phrase "shank's mare" refers to traveling on foot rather than on horseback. These prints are beautifully detailed and colored, with attractive settings reminiscent of Hiroshige's designs. These charming woodblocks are from the original 1918 release of Tamenobu's "Shank's Mare Tokaido."

Artist - Fujikawa Tamenobu (Meiji era)

Image Size - 8 5/8" x 13" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Original paper album backing. Slight toning, rippling stain. Please see photos for details.

Kuwana by Fujikawa Tamenobu (Meiji era)
Kuwana by Fujikawa Tamenobu (Meiji era)

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