Drastic Price Reduction Moved to Clearance, Act Fast!

by Takeuchi Seiho (1864 - 1942)

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Drastic Price Reduction Moved to Clearance, Act Fast! by Takeuchi Seiho (1864 - 1942)

Original Takeuchi Seiho (1864 - 1942) Japanese Woodblock Print
Drastic Price Reduction Moved to Clearance, Act Fast!

Series; Inkstone Travel Pictures (Tabi Suzuri)

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Takeuchi Seiho - Considered one of the founders of modern Japanese painting, Takeuchi Seiho initially studied with the Maruyama-Shijo school in Kyoto. After traveling in Europe in 1900 - 1901, he incorporated Western techniques into his style, creating a unique and harmonious synthesis of Western and traditional Japanese art. An influential teacher, he established his own private school and also taught at the Kyoto Municipal College of Painting. Sketching from life, Seiho beautifully captured the essence of the landscapes, animals, and plants that he depicted. This highly gifted and innovative artist received the first Order of Cultural Merit award from the Japanese government in 1937.

Inkstone Travel Pictures - Charming design from Takeuchi Seiho's "Inkstone Travel Pictures" (Tabi suzuri), which features scenes recorded during his many journeys. Subjects include landscapes, animals, and objects he encountered during his trips, rendered with lively line work and fluid brushstrokes conveying the sense of a quick ink sketch from life, accompanied by text. The series was published posthumously in sets of five prints, beginning in 1947 and continuing through 1948, with a total of fifty prints. The first time we've seen these interesting designs.

Artist - Takeuchi Seiho (1864 - 1942)

Image Size - Page size 4" x 6 1/4"

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Slight paper remnants or thinning on reverse at edge from original publisher mounting. Toning. Some prints have a few spots. Please see photos for details.

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Drastic Price Reduction Moved to Clearance, Act Fast! by Takeuchi Seiho (1864 - 1942)
Drastic Price Reduction Moved to Clearance, Act Fast! by Takeuchi Seiho (1864 - 1942)

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