Rock Cave in Buzen Province

by Eisen (1790 - 1848)

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Rock Cave in Buzen Province by Eisen (1790 - 1848)

Original Eisen (1790 - 1848) Japanese Woodblock Print
Rock Cave in Buzen Province

Series; Pictures of Valiant Warriors (Buyu sakigake zue), 1838
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Pictures of Valiant Warriors - Terrific design from Eisen's series "Pictures of Valiant Warriors" (Buyu sakigake zue), first published in 1838. These lively scenes depict subjects taken from historical epics such as the "Taiheiki," "Tale of the Rise and Fall of the Minamoto and the Taira," and "Tale of the Soga," along with heroes from popular Edo era books, including "The Eight Dog Heroes of Satomi." Samurai appear in the midst of battle, fighting off attackers, or facing mythical creatures like an enormous spider or a giant bird. Some images combine two or three different scenes. A nice choice for a collector interested in musha-e (warrior pictures). The woodblocks in this group are from a later edition.

Artist - Eisen (1790 - 1848)

Image Size - 7 1/4" x 10 1/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with good detail as shown. Two separate panels. Stitching holes at one side of each panel. Slight toning, diagonal wrinkle near bottom of right panel. Please see photos for details.

Rock Cave in Buzen Province by Eisen (1790 - 1848)
Rock Cave in Buzen Province by Eisen (1790 - 1848)

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