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July: Ukai by Sofu Matsuno (1899 - 1963)

Original Sofu Matsuno (1899 - 1963) Japanese Woodblock Print
July: Ukai

Series; Twelve Months of Noh Pictures

Twelve Months of Noh Pictures - Handsome design from a series featuring characters from different Noh plays for the twelve months of the year. Published by Unsodo in 1970, this series features six illustrations by Sofu Matsuno and six by his son, Hideyo Matsuno. Sofu Matsuno studied with Tsuikoika Kogyo, who was known for his wonderful portrayals of Noh plays. Kogyo died before the completion of his last series, "Noga taikan," and Sofu Matsuno designed 24 prints to finish the fifth and final volume of the series. These attractive and colorful images capture the elegant costumes and masks of Noh theater, with performers in stately and dignified poses. A great choice for a collector interested in Noh theater.

Artist - Sofu Matsuno (1899 - 1963)

Image Size - 10 3/4" x 9 1/2"

Condition - With excellent color and detail. Printed on stiff board. A faint spot. Please see photos for details. Nice overall.

July: Ukai by Sofu Matsuno (1899 - 1963)
July: Ukai by Sofu Matsuno (1899 - 1963)

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