Cat Like a Leopard

by Tokuriki (1902 - 1999)

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Cat Like a Leopard by Tokuriki (1902 - 1999)

Original Tokuriki (1902 - 1999) Japanese Woodblock Print
Cat Like a Leopard

Tokuriki Tomikichiro - Born in Kyoto, Tokuriki Tomikichiro spent his entire career in the city. After initially studying Nihonga or Japanese style painting, Tokuriki switched to woodblock prints in 1924. Although best known for his shin-hanga landscape prints, Tokuriki's real passion was sosaku hanga or creative prints. He enthusiastically promoted sosaku hanga, and set up his own publishing company called Matsuku after WWII to produce his designs as well as those of other artists. He taught block carving and wrote extensively on the subject of woodblock prints, while also exhibiting internationally. His modern sosaku hanga prints are expressive with bold line work and shapes, while his traditional shin-hanga views more closely resemble ink and wash paintings. Tokuriki successfully bridged these two major twentieth-century styles, and was highly influential in the development of younger artists.

Comments - Fantastic, large format image of a leopard-like cat standing on a wicker chair. The spotted body is beautifully detailed and shaded. The animal stands out against a deep green background with dark bamboo leaves, giving the appearance of the cat being in the jungle. A terrific sosaku hanga design by Tokuriki, in a signed and numbered limited edition. Tokuriki received the Kyoto Prefecture Special Achievement Culture Award for this woodblock. The first time we've seen this terrific subject.

Signed - T. Tokuriki in pencil along the edge of the chair at lower left
Numbered - 11/200 in pencil next to the signature

Artist - Tokuriki (1902 - 1999)

Image Size - 21 1/4" x 19 1/2" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Slight rippling and a few creases at edges from printing process. Please note, due to the size, this print may be shipped rolled. Please see photos for details.

Cat Like a Leopard by Tokuriki (1902 - 1999)
Cat Like a Leopard by Tokuriki (1902 - 1999)

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