Wedding Ceremony, 1896

by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

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Wedding Ceremony, 1896 by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Original Chikanobu (1838 - 1912) Japanese Woodblock Print
Wedding Ceremony, 1896

Series; Chiyoda Inner Palace (Chiyoda no Ooku)
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Wedding Ceremony, 1896 - Charming scene of a wedding ceremony, with the bride seated at right and her ladies-in-waiting watching from the left. The beauties wear intricately patterned kimono over white under robes tucked into red pants. Each of the women has her long hair pulled into a pony tail tied with several bows, the hair trailing on the floor around them. Nicely detailed with embossing on the white kimono collars.

Artist - Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Image Size - 14" x 28 1/8"

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Three attached panels, backed with paper. Vertical folds. A few small tears at edges. Creasing, wrinkling, curling, slight toning and soiling. Please note, due to the size, this print may be shipped rolled. Please see photos for details.

Wedding Ceremony, 1896 by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)
Wedding Ceremony, 1896 by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

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