Mythology, 1972

by Kurosaki Akira (born 1937)

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Mythology, 1972 by Kurosaki Akira (born 1937)

Original Kurosaki Akira (born 1937) Japanese Woodblock Print
Mythology, 1972

Kurosaki Akira - Kurosaki Akira graduated in 1962 from the Kyoto College of Crafts and Textiles, and has exhibited and taught in Japan and throughout the West. His earlier works are semi-Surrealist, but after the 1980s he began creating darker, more purely abstract designs. Unlike many modern artists, he uses a skilled craftsman to carve his blocks and print most of them, following the traditional division of labor used in creating ukiyo-e prints. His fascinating designs are a great choice for a collector interested in contemporary Japanese woodblocks.

Signed - In pencil in bottom margin
Numbered - 22/50

Artist - Kurosaki Akira (born 1937)

Image Size - 7" x 5" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Please see photos for details. Nice overall.

Mythology, 1972 by Kurosaki Akira (born 1937)
Mythology, 1972 by Kurosaki Akira (born 1937)

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