The Monk Saigyo

by David Bull

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The Monk Saigyo by David Bull

Original David Bull Japanese Woodblock Print
The Monk Saigyo

Series; Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Poems from One Hundred Poets)

David Bull's Hyakunin Isshu - From 1989 to 1999, contemporary woodblock print artist David Bull created a series titled "Hyakunin Isshu" or "One Hundred Poems from One Hundred Poets," based on the famous anthology of classical Japanese poems collected in the thirteenth century. For his series, Bull based his designs on the masterful illustrations by ukiyo-e artist Katsukawa Shunsho from a book published in Edo in 1775.

David Bull lives and works in Tokyo, and followed the exact same methods of carving and printing as those used to create the original book. He carved each block from mountain cherry wood, and printed them on handmade Japanese mulberry paper (kozo washi). Each sensitive portrait is accompanied by a verse in beautiful calligraphy, the figures softly colored. The poets are drawn with delicate line work and fine detail, with individualized features that capture the personality of each scholar.

The original edition of 100 prints by David Bull sold out, but after an exhibit celebrating the completion of the series in 1999, so many collectors were interesting in obtaining designs that he decided to issue a second edition of 100. David himself thinks that these prints are better than those of the first edition, because his skill in printing has improved over the years. Each features the following information embossed in the margin of the print, along with David Bull's signature in pencil, and comes in a protective individual folder.

Artist - Katsukawa Shunsho
Carver/Printer - David Bull
Papermaker - Either Iwano Ichibei or Yamaguchi Kazuo

These beautiful designs are a wonderful way to collect classic ukiyo-e imagery as interpreted by a contemporary artist. A great choice for a collector or to frame and display.

Poem -
The moon to me now
Is a thing to be deplored,
Forcing me to think
Till my face grows drawn and tense,
And I feel the tears begin.

Artist - David Bull

Image Size - 10" x 14 3/4"

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. It has been stored only in the original folder. Please see photos for details. Excellent overall with no issues to report.

The Monk Saigyo by David Bull
The Monk Saigyo by David Bull