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Ni-o, 1927 by Yamaguchi Ryoshu (1886 - 1966)

Original Yamaguchi Ryoshu (1886 - 1966) Japanese Woodblock Print
Ni-o, 1927

Series; Kyogen-ga Taikan, 1927

Kyogen-ga Taikan - Yamaguchi Ryoshu trained as both a Noh theater actor and an artist, working in both careers. He was adopted by the famed Yamaguchi family of actors, who specialized in kyogen performances. Kyogen is a traditional form of Japanese comic theater, often performed during the intermissions of Noh plays and designed primarily to make audiences laugh. Actors use exaggerated actions and dialogue, along with slapstick and satire in their roles. These lively images capture the colorful characters from kyogen plays and the amusing antics of actors onstage. A great choice for a collector interested in traditional forms of Japanese theater.

Artist - Yamaguchi Ryoshu (1886 - 1966)

Image Size - 15" x 10 1/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Paper remnants on reverse at left edge from previous mounting. Light toning. A few prints have a few spots. Please see photos for details.

Ni-o, 1927 by Yamaguchi Ryoshu (1886 - 1966)
Ni-o, 1927 by Yamaguchi Ryoshu (1886 - 1966)

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