Beauty Playing a Biwa Surimono

by Gakutei (1786 - 1868)

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Beauty Playing a Biwa Surimono  by Gakutei (1786 - 1868)

Gakutei (1786 - 1868) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Beauty Playing a Biwa Surimono

Series; Allusions to the Seven Lucky Gods

Surimono - Surimono are an exclusive subcategory of Japanese woodblock prints. Poetry clubs commissioned these designs for distribution to a small audience of members, most often as New Year's greetings. These privately published images included a wonderful range of subjects and lavish printing techniques such as embossing, burnishing, and metallic pigments. Since surimono were not sold commercially, the print runs were very small and original Edo era surimono are incredibly rare in the market today. These fine quality suriomono reprints offer a great way to collect these classic designs at an affordable price.

Beauty Playing a Biwa Surimono - Lovely surimono of a young beauty playing a biwa, a short-necked lute. She represents Benten, the goddess of art and music, one of the famous Seven Lucky Gods. She kneels on the floor with her lovely kimono spread out around her. Beautifully detailed with embossing on the white kimono trim. The second verse, by Makinoya Naritsura, reads:

Through a purple mist,
and the luck of Benten,
the sun's rays find
the Goddess of Mt. Fuji
carrying a biwa of her own.

Artist - Gakutei (1786 - 1868)

Image Size - 8 1/8" x 7 3/8"

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. A few small holes, repaired. Toning, slight soiling, a few creases. Please see photos for details.

Beauty Playing a Biwa Surimono  by Gakutei (1786 - 1868)
Beauty Playing a Biwa Surimono  by Gakutei (1786 - 1868)

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