Kono Moronao Bunraku Puppet

by Hideki Hanafusa (1914 - ?)

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Kono Moronao Bunraku Puppet by Hideki Hanafusa (1914 - ?)

Original Hideki Hanafusa (1914 - ?) Japanese Woodblock Print
Kono Moronao Bunraku Puppet

Series; Woodcut Collection of Bunraku Puppets, 1963

Woodcut Collection of Bunraku Puppets - Published by Maria Shobo in 1963, the "Woodblock Collection of Bunraku Puppets" features 24 designs by Konobu Hasegawa and Hideki Hanafusa. The bunraku puppet theater is a traditional Japanese art form that dates back hundreds of years, and is enjoying a revival today. These sophisticated puppets can be several feet high, and are highly articulated to move realistically. These bold and colorful depictions capture the charming quality of these lifelike figures. From brave samurai to beautiful princesses, these wonderful prints offer a fascinating look at the world of bunraku theater. Many feature deluxe printing treatments such as burnishing or mica. These large puppet designs are rarely seen, and are a great choice for a collector interested in this traditional form of theater. 

Special detail - Distressed mica background.

Artist - Hideki Hanafusa (1914 - ?)

Image Size - 15 1/2" x 10 5/8" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Paper remnants on reverse at top corners from previous mounting. Please see photos for details. Excellent overall.

Kono Moronao Bunraku Puppet by Hideki Hanafusa (1914 - ?)
Kono Moronao Bunraku Puppet by Hideki Hanafusa (1914 - ?)

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