Pleasure Boat Ride

by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

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Pleasure Boat Ride by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Utamaro (1750 - 1806) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Pleasure Boat Ride

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The Sakai Kokodo Han Publishing House - Established in Tokyo in 1870, Sakai Kokodo Han quickly established itself as one of the foremost publishers of ukiyo-e reprints. Since 1870, the venerable publishing house has passed down through four generations of the family. Their dedication to quality and detail makes them one of the few 19th century publishers still in business today. We are pleased to offer these beautifully produced prints from the early 20th century, sealed with the circular Sakai Kokodo Han publishing seal. These rare, old reprints masterfully capture the subtlety of color and crisp line work of the original ukiyo-e prints.

Pleasure Boat Ride - Charming scene of two beauties and a young man enjoying a ride in a pleasure boat. The young man holds out a shallow red lacquer sake cup in one hand, a kettle in the other. The beauty in the center smiles back at him as she holds her hand to her chin. Her companion at right leans over the roof of the cabin, adjusting a hairpin. Nice bokashi shading in the evening sky and water. An attractive image we've never before seen in reprint.

Artist - Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Image Size - 14 3/4" x 9 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Toning, faint pink stains. Please see photos for details.

Pleasure Boat Ride by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)
Pleasure Boat Ride by Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

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