Futari Shizuka (The Two Shizukas)

by Tsukioka Kogyo (1869 - 1927)

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Futari Shizuka (The Two Shizukas) by Tsukioka Kogyo (1869 - 1927)

Original Tsukioka Kogyo (1869 - 1927) Japanese Woodblock Print
Futari Shizuka (The Two Shizukas)

Series; Noga taikan (A Great Collection of Noh Pictures)

Kogyo's Noga taikan - Kogyo was at work on his last great series "Noga taikan" when he died in 1927. This large work, comprising 200 prints, was published in five volumes, with Kogyo completing four volumes before his death and his student Matsuno Sofu finishing the fifth volume. In this beautiful series Kogyo departed from his normally plain white backgrounds and designed a group of prints with softly colored backgrounds and richly colored, dynamic figures. Many images are detailed with touches of metallic pigment, capturing the elegance of the sumptuous Noh costumes. Others feature strong wood grain impression in the background, adding interest and texture. With excellent detail and the highest printing standards, these designs are exceptional in his career.

With Tissue Paper Overlay - This print features a tissue paper overlay with the name of the play and text in Japanese. The overlays are frequently missing, so these offer a nice opportunity to collect a design from the series with the text included.

Artist - Tsukioka Kogyo (1869 - 1927)

Image Size - 10" x 15"

Condition - Finely printed with excellent color and detail as shown. These prints have been stored only and are clean and bright. Tissue overlay attached along right edge of print. Please see photos for details. Generally in nice condition overall.

Futari Shizuka (The Two Shizukas) by Tsukioka Kogyo (1869 - 1927)
Futari Shizuka (The Two Shizukas) by Tsukioka Kogyo (1869 - 1927)

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