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Cat Witch by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Original Chikanobu (1838 - 1912) Japanese Woodblock Print
Cat Witch

Comments - Incredible kabuki scene from a story about a cat witch. Having been disguised as a beauty, the witch's true nature appears as she begins to turn into a cat with large protruding ears and dark hair flowing wildly about her head. She looks to the side in with a worried expression, surrounded by several samurai, who draw their weapons, ready to attack. A giant cat monster peers through a reed blind behind them, snarling, its glowing eyes wide. The actors are Ichikawa Gonjuro, Suketakaya Takasuke, Sawamura Yanosuke, Sawamura Kumazo, and Bando [?]. A fantastic image from this legendary story, detailed with fine line work in the hair and lively color, and a burnished pattern in the black kimono. A terrific choice for a collector interested in supernatural Japanese tales.

Artist - Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

Image Size - 14 1/4" x 28 1/8" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent detail as shown. Three attached panels, backed with paper. Small loss at corner, repaired. Slight toning and soiling, a few spots, slight rubbing at edges. Please see photos for details.

Cat Witch by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)
Cat Witch by Chikanobu (1838 - 1912)

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