Someyama of the Matsubaya

by Eisho (1790 - 1799)

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Someyama of the Matsubaya by Eisho (1790 - 1799)

Eisho (1790 - 1799) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Someyama of the Matsubaya

A February $39 Market Auction, Bill's Selection. . .

Adachi Limited Edition Beauties - In 1967, the venerable Adachi Publisher of Tokyo released a limited edition series of 25 classic ukiyo-e beauty subjects. These beautiful reprints feature masterworks by Utamaro, Kiyonaga, Eisho, and others, including some subjects seldom seen in reprint. Printed with fine line work and attractive color, some designs feature deluxe treatments such as embossing or shimmering mica. Limited to 500 sets, each print is numbered on the reverse with a special Adachi publisher's seal. A wonderful opportunity to collect a lovely bijin reprint from a great limited edition release.

February Market Auctions - I’ve selected 175 prints for special market driven auctions in February. There are a range of excellent prints, from high quality and rare Edo era prints, to fine old reprints. It’s an especially nice group with each print opening at $39 selling to any highest bid! Keep an eye out for my February $39 Market Auctions and good luck bidding!


Someyama of the Matsubaya - Beautiful head and shoulders portrait of the courtesan Someyama of Matsubaya with her hair pinned high, a couple strands falling loose in a casual manner, smiling as she looks over her shoulder while fingering the cords of a small cloth bag. She wears layers of colorful kimono, the outer robe trimmed with a deep pink collar with a spider web print. A classic ukiyo-e beauty subject with a shimmering mica background emulating the original.

Numbered - 468/500

Artist - Eisho (1790 - 1799)

Image Size - 15 1/2" x 9 7/8" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Please see photos for details. Very nice overall.

Someyama of the Matsubaya by Eisho (1790 - 1799)
Someyama of the Matsubaya by Eisho (1790 - 1799)
Someyama of the Matsubaya by Eisho (1790 - 1799)

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