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Rest, 1936 by Hideta Nagatochi (1873 - 1942)

Original Hideta Nagatochi (1873 - 1942) Japanese Woodblock Print
Rest, 1936

Series; New Modern Print Collection, Volume 1

New Modern Print Collection - Attractive design from a rare 1936 shin-hanga series titled the "New Modern Print Collection" (Shin jidai hangashu), assembled by the Nihon Shin-hanga Kyokai and published by Onodo Mototsugu. The series was released in two volumes, with one print by each of five artists per folio, including Hiroshi Yoshida, Ishikawa Toraji, and other well-known shin-hanga artists. We have only offered one print from this series before. A fantastic choice for a collector.

Artist - Hideta Nagatochi (1873 - 1942)

Image Size - 9 1/4" x 13 1/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Drying holes in left corners. Slight toning, a few spots in margins. Please see photos for details.

Rest, 1936 by Hideta Nagatochi (1873 - 1942)
Rest, 1936 by Hideta Nagatochi (1873 - 1942)