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Dutch Man by Yoshifuji (1828 - 1889)

Original Yoshifuji (1828 - 1889) Japanese Woodblock Print
Dutch Man

A Fuji Arts Special Offer Auction

Yokohama-e - Yokohama-e are prints depicting foreigners in Yokohama after Japan was opened to trade with the West the 1850s. Previously, Japan had been closed to international trade with only a few strict exceptions, leading to curiosity among the Japanese about the new foreign arrivals and their strange clothing and customs. Many Yokohama-e designs featured people from the "Five Nations," the five countries that signed trade treaties with Japan in 1858: America, England, the Netherlands, Russia, and France. Others were fanciful depictions of foreign cities, often based on Western illustrations rather than direct observation. These prints proved popular, with hundreds of Yokohama-e published between 1859 and about 1880. These wonderful images provide a great look at this historic time period, using the traditional art form of Japanese woodblock prints to record a new subject.

Dutch Man - Yokohama-e Clearance - We're clearing out a group of early Yokohama-e prints by Sadahide, Yoshikazu, and Yoshitora, and others. This interesting selection of illustrations includes portraits, harbor scenes, and interior views. In order to start them this low, we are not offering any condition report. Please refer to our carefully produced photos to determine condition. Enjoy shopping the Early Edo Print Clearance!

Artist - Yoshifuji (1828 - 1889)

Image Size - Oban, approximately 14 1/2" x 9 1/2" (not measured individually)

Condition - These prints generally have condition issues. Please use our photos to determine condition and to gauge your interest. For expediency at this opening bid, individual condition reports are not provided.

Dutch Man by Yoshifuji (1828 - 1889)
Dutch Man by Yoshifuji (1828 - 1889)

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