Sanjo Sanetomi,1942

by Arai Shouri

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Sanjo Sanetomi,1942 by Arai Shouri

Original Arai Shouri Japanese Woodblock Print
Sanjo Sanetomi,1942

Series; Thirty Great Modern Loyalists

Thirty Great Modern Loyalists - This interesting shin-hanga series features portraits of noted Japanese loyalists by several different artists. All include an embossed seal in the margin reading "Kinno Bunka Shinko-kai" or "Association of True Imperial Culture," which may have commissioned the series. Some, but not all, of the prints have an embossed Watanabe Publisher "F" seal in the margin, so the series likely dates circa 1934 - 1941, although it is not known if Watanabe published all the designs in the group. We have seen very few examples from this series before. An unusual series, beautifully printed.

Sanjo Sanetomi,1942 - Interesting scene of Sanjo Sanetomi and a group of samurai traveling through a bamboo grove in the evening. A warrior in armor leads the way carrying a softly glowing lantern, followed by men wearing straw raincoats and woven hats. The tall bamboo arches over the figures, with soft gray shading around the edges of the leaves adding a sense of depth. Sanjo Sanetomi was a nobleman who served in high posts in the Meiji government, and he received a state funeral when he died in 1891. An intriguing shin-hanga subject. Please note that this print does not have a Watanabe publisher seal.

Sealed - Embossed "Kinno Bunka Shinko-kai" seal in right margin (Association of True Imperial Culture)

Artist - Arai Shouri

Image Size - 9 1/2" x 14 1/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Slight toning, small mark. Please see photos for details. Good overall.

Sanjo Sanetomi,1942 by Arai Shouri
Sanjo Sanetomi,1942 by Arai Shouri

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