Yuyudo Commemorative Goyo Set - 6 Prints

by Hashiguchi Goyo (1880 - 1921)

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Yuyudo Commemorative Goyo Set - 6 Prints by Hashiguchi Goyo (1880 - 1921)

Hashiguchi Goyo (1880 - 1921) Japanese Woodblock Print Set
Yuyudo Published Commemorative Set
With 6 woodblock prints
A Fuji Arts Special Offer Auction

Commemorative Goyo Prints - With the permission of Goyo's heirs, a couple of small commemorative runs of his prints were produced by two venerable publishers - Yuyudo and Tanseisha. These reprints were produced to the same exacting standard of Goyo's originals. Expert carvers were contracted to produce the highest quality wood blocks and printers meticulously reprinted Goyo's originals with the same attention to quality and detail. These lovely reprints are on beautiful, handmade paper, printed with the same colors, fine bokashi shading, and full mica background as in Goyo's originals.

Hashiguchi Goyo, 20th-century master - Hashiguchi Goyo is one of the most famous and admired artists of 20th-century Japanese woodblocks. He is sometimes referred to as the "Taisho Utamaro" as his incredible designs of women reached heights never again seen in shin-hanga woodblock prints. Goyo died unexpectedly in 1921 at age 41. His output, therefore, was very limited and his prints are incredibly rare. Goyo's prints were done before the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. The devastation of the earthquake hit the woodblock print artists and publishers very hard, and many prints and wood blocks were destroyed in the quake and ensuing fires. Original Goyo prints are some of the most sought after woodblock print images in the market today, and sell in the $8,000 - $20,000 range and often much higher.

Collection Information - This lovely boxed set is a terrific opportunity for a Goyo enthusiast to collect examples of Goyo's famous beauty portraits. The set includes 6 woodblock prints from the commemorative series by Yuyudo, housed in a traditional cloth-covered box with toggle closures, with a protective cardboard outer box that ties shut. The series includes the masterworks "Beauty after Bath", "Woman in Summer Kimono", "Beauty in Long Undergarment", "Beauty Applying Lipstick", "Waitress with Tray", and "Beauty Combing her Hair." Each print features delicate line work and a beautiful shimmering mica background. Each print is loose within a windowed viewing folder, inside a cream colored paper folder with the title of the print, accompanied by an illustrated folder in Japanese. These exquisitely printed, large format woodblocks would make wonderful framed presentations.

Woodblocks from this Yuyudo commemorative series are hard to find, and prices for individual prints are as much as $2,000 or more. This limited edition set features a seal numbered "545" on the inside of the box. These beautiful prints by Yuyudo have never been framed, only stored in the original box, so they have lovely, fresh color. A great opportunity to acquire these masterwork shin-hanga designs as issued by the publisher. Bid now on this incredible Goyo boxed set!

Please note - This boxed set is quite heavy. International bidders are welcome, however, there is an additional $75 charge to ship the set internationally.

Publisher - Specially commissioned Yuyudo publisher, with Yuyudo publisher seal in margin

Artist - Hashiguchi Goyo (1880 - 1921)
Size - Print size ranges from: 17 1/4" x 13" + margins as shown to 18 1/4" x 5 1/4" + margins as shown; folder size 21 3/4" x 15"; overall size 25" x 20 1/8" x 3/4"
Condition - Prints are in pristine condition with excellent color and detail.

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