Matsuwo, 1924

by Ota Masamitsu (1892 - 1929)

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Matsuwo, 1924 by Ota Masamitsu (1892 - 1929)

Original Ota Masamitsu (1892 - 1929) Japanese Woodblock Print
Matsuwo, 1924

Series; Kabuki Kumadori, 1924
A Fuji Arts Special Offer Auction

Kabuki Kumadori Prints - Terrific woodblock print from a Taisho era series by shin hanga artist Ota Masamitsu depicting kumadori, a distinctive type of kabuki makeup used for aragoto characters. Aragoto refers to an exaggerated style of acting used to depict heroic warriors, demons, or fierce gods. The bombastic style encompasses all elements of the role, including hair, makeup, dialogue, and costume. These striking designs depict bold and colorful makeup, often giving the characters a frightening or otherworldly appearance. An attached tissue paper overleaf provides the name of the makeup and a description of the character in both Japanese and English, along with a profile view of the made-up face. Some are noted as antique or earlier style makeups no longer in use. A fantastic choice for a kabuki enthusiast or historian of theater.

Artist - Ota Masamitsu (1892 - 1929)

Image Size - Prints 10 5/8" x 7 5/8"; Tissue sheets 11" x 7 7/8"

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Some prints have faint toning. Tissue paper overleafs toned, some spotted and creased. See photos for details. Good condition overall.

Matsuwo, 1924 by Ota Masamitsu (1892 - 1929)
Matsuwo, 1924 by Ota Masamitsu (1892 - 1929)

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