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Kodo by Eisen (1790 - 1848)

Eisen (1790 - 1848) Japanese Woodblock Reprint

Series; Sixty-nine Stations of the Kisokaido

The Sixty-nine Stations of the Kisokaido - Hiroshige’s fantastic Kisokaido series was designed in collaboration with Keisei Eisen in the mid-1830s. Comprised of seventy prints, Eisen contributed 23 images to the series, with Hiroshige providing the rest. This masterpiece series chronicles life along the Kiso Highway, the upper road along the mountains from Edo to Kyoto, mirroring the lower Tokaido. Hiroshige's Kisokaido landscapes maintain his typical balance between figures and nature, with masterful depictions of weather and seasons, and a number of especially lovely moonlit scenes. These poetic and atmospheric views offer a captivating vision of the beautiful and often dramatic countryside of Japan.

Kodo - Fantastic scene of men fishing at night by torchlight on the Nagae River, using cormorants tied to cords to catch the fish, a time-honored fishing method in Japan. Red and orange flames rise from the fire baskets suspended above the water. A handsome design.

Artist - Eisen (1790 - 1848)

Image Size - 8 1/4" x 13 3/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent overall with no issues to report.

Kodo by Eisen (1790 - 1848)
Kodo by Eisen (1790 - 1848)