Hahakigi, Chapter 2

by Gekko (1859 - 1920)

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Hahakigi, Chapter 2 by Gekko (1859 - 1920)

Original Gekko (1859 - 1920) Japanese Woodblock Print
Hahakigi, Chapter 2

Series; Fifty-four Chapters of the Tale of Genji, 1893
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A Meiji Collection print, opening at $59 - We purchased an interesting Meiji collection with a variety of prints and artists. We’re offering the prints, over two days, in our market driven $59 opening bid auctions – any high bid wins.

Gekko's Fifty-four Chapters of the Tale of Genji - Handsome woodblock from Gekko's beautiful series, "Fifty-four Chapters of the Tale of Genji." Each design illustrates a chapter from Murasaki's classic Japanese novel, "The Tale of Genji." These wonderful prints feature scenes of upper-class courtly life, beautifully drawn with flowing calligraphic lines and soft colors. Gekko's images are a unique union of traditional subjects and a modern artistic sensibility. These fine woodblocks have a distinct sense of personality and the beautiful settings reflect the classic landscape and architecture of life in the Heian era. A great interpretation of this timeless tale, Gekko's Genji prints are a wonderful choice to collect or display.

Artist - Gekko (1859 - 1920)

Image Size - 12 5/8" x 8 1/2" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with excellent color and detail as shown. Backed with paper. Slight toning and soiling. Some prints have a few spots or marks. Please see photos for details. Generally in good condition overall.

Hahakigi, Chapter 2 by Gekko (1859 - 1920)
Hahakigi, Chapter 2 by Gekko (1859 - 1920)

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