Hazy Moon and Cherry Tree

by Shoraku Sanjin

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Hazy Moon and Cherry Tree by Shoraku Sanjin

Original Shoraku Sanjin Japanese Folding Screen
Hazy Moon and Cherry Tree

Byobu (Japanese Screens) - Byobu are Japanese folding screens with decorative paintings or calligraphy, traditionally used as room dividers. During the Edo period in Japan, byobu became quite popular in the residences of samurai and daimyo, with gold leaf backgrounds and sumptuous paintings of nature conveying wealth and sophistication. Screens remain popular today, adding a beautiful Japanese touch of elegance to any setting.

This is a time-honored traditional Japanese art form that is preserved by only a few master artisans today. At Fuji Arts we are excited to make these fantastic screens available to our discerning customers. They are truly some of the most beautiful we have come across in our travels.

We are very pleased to offer a selection of screens hand-crafted to the highest standards by an old Kyoto family that has passed this tradition down from generation to generation. These master craftsmen painstakingly build the screen's lightweight wooden frame, and then carefully stretch it with layers of paper to provide a smooth, taut surface for the painting. A shimmering gold or silver leaf background is applied to the surface, along with a beautiful silk brocade border. The frame is hand-lacquered in a process that takes many days.

Fuji Arts is working with two master artists in Kyoto who hand paint each design. Oh-en is ninety-four years old and has specialized in painting screens for decades. He says that painting gives him energy, so he wants to paint as long as possible. Shoraku Sanjin adds his own personality into each painting, creating a unique image every time. As with all hand painted works, each screen is a one of a kind masterpiece, so your screen may differ slightly from those shown.

Comments on this screen - Lovely design of a cherry tree covered with a cloud of delicate blossoms. A luminous full moon glows in the background, surrounded by a soft haze and beautifully framed by the tree branches. A beautiful asymmetrical composition with wonderful detail. A classic Japanese subject, rendered with grace and elegance. The background is Odo Kinpaku, a composition gold and brass leaf, which has a wonderful rich sheen and is slightly darker than gold leaf alone.

Artist - Shoraku Sanjin
Size - Each four-panel screen is 92cm high x 180 cm wide (approximately 36 1/4" x 70 3/4")

Additional Details

Each screen is custom made to order to create a unique artwork that will be a treasure for years to come. It takes approximately four to six weeks to create each screen. After the screen is ready, it will be shipped to you directly from Japan within a week.

Screen Hanger - A screen hanger for wall mounting is available for $40.

Shipping - When purchasing one of these screens, you simply pay standard shipping with your screen order. All additional shipping costs for these larger items will be paid by us!

Pricing - As always, Fuji Arts is at source for these beautiful screens and we are offering them significantly less expensively than other dealers. Screens by Oh-en and Shoraku Sanjin are rare in the Western market. When found, they generally retail in the $5,000 - $6,000 price rage.