Juniso at Yotsuya

by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

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Juniso at Yotsuya by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Hokusai (1760 - 1849) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Juniso at Yotsuya

From an untitled series of landscapes in Western style

Hokusai Anthology of Famous Pictures by Takamizawa - In the mid-1950s, the renowned Takamizawa Publisher released a reprint series of 49 of Hokusai prints. The series focused on Hokusai’s charming, atypical designs that were less commonly seen. From nature scenes and beauties to outstanding selections from Hokusai's "100 Views of Mt. Fuji" series, these expertly carved and printed designs beautifully capture the details of the Edo era originals. Printed with the attention to detail and exquisite quality of the Takamizawa Publisher, this rare reprint series is a collector’s delight.

Juniso at Yotsuya - Dramatic landscape view with pedestrians pausing while crossing a bridge to observe a rushing waterfall. Another figure clings to a pine tree overlooking the chasm, pointing at the water. A swooping hill at right frames a view of the sea beyond. Lovely early Hokusai design with muted, soft colors.

Woodblock reprints - In the 20th century, artists and publishers collaborated to recreate famous woodblock prints for interested Japanese collectors and Westerners looking for rare designs. New blocks were made, and the prints were painstakingly printed by artisan printers in the same method as the 19th century originals - one block for each color. Woodblock reprints were an opportunity to collect and enjoy a famous design at a small fraction of the price of an original. They still are today.

Artist - Hokusai (1760 - 1849)

Image Size - 7 5/8" x 10 5/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent overall with no issues to report.

Juniso at Yotsuya by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)
Juniso at Yotsuya by Hokusai (1760 - 1849)