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Plum by Chizuko Yoshida (1924 - 2017)

Original Chizuko Yoshida (1924 - 2017) Japanese Woodblock Print

Chizuko Yoshida - Chizuko Yoshida was an established abstract oil painter when she joined the famous Yoshida family of artists in 1953 by marrying Hodaka Yoshida, the son of Hiroshi Yoshida and brother of Toshi Yoshida. Following her marriage, she shifted from painting to printmaking, experimenting during her long and innovative career with elements of abstract expressionism, surrealism, minimalism, and naturalism. She exhibited in Japan and internationally, and belonged to major print organizations such as the Japan Print Association and the College Women's Association of Japan. Many of her early works take the subject of music, such as the design, while other prints were inspired by world travel and her love of butterflies. Chizuko was one of five artists included in the exhibit "Breaking Barriers: Japanese Women Print Artists 1950 - 2000" at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, United States. A great opportunity to acquire a work by this important Japanese woman artist.

Artist - Chizuko Yoshida (1924 - 2017)

Image Size - 17 1/8" x 12 7/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent color and detail. No issues to report.

Plum by Chizuko Yoshida (1924 - 2017)
Plum by Chizuko Yoshida (1924 - 2017)