Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira

by Okada Koichi (1907 - ?)

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Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira by Okada Koichi (1907 - ?)

Original Okada Koichi (1907 - ?) Japanese Woodblock Print
Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira

Series; Twelve Views of Japan

Okada Koichi - A contemporary of Hasui, Okada Koichi is best known for his striking views of Mt Fuji from a circa 1950s series called "Twelve Views of Japan." Born in Tokyo, Koichi studied with woodblock artist Ishii Hakutei, and exhibited his paintings at the national juried Teiten and Nitten exhibitions. Published by Unsodo in Kyoto, these lovely shin-hanga designs show the sacred mountain in different seasons, framed by cherry blossoms or capped by snow, bathed in sunlight or seen at nighttime beyond the twinkling lights of the city. His works are a great choice to collect or display.

Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira - Striking shin-hanga night scene of Mt. Fuji as seen from the plateau of Nihondaira, a scenic area that offers spectacular views. The harbor is aglow with twinkling yellow lights from the homes and the boats on the water. The sweeping curve of the bay leads the eye toward the sacred mountain, the snow-covered peak still visible against the gray night sky. A magical evening view and a lovely choice for display.

Publisher - Unsodo, with publisher's seal in left margin, later edition

Artist - Okada Koichi (1907 - ?)

Image Size - 14 1/4" x 9 1/2" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent overall with no issues to report.

Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira by Okada Koichi (1907 - ?)
Mt. Fuji from Nihondaira by Okada Koichi (1907 - ?)