Shrine Visit, 1899

by Toshikata (1866 - 1908)

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Shrine Visit, 1899 by Toshikata (1866 - 1908)

Original Toshikata (1866 - 1908) Japanese Woodblock Print
Shrine Visit, 1899

Series; Beauties in Modern Style

Beauties in Modern Style - Attractive design from a Toshikata's series depicting contemporary beauties in a variety of pastimes throughout the year. These charming scenes show women engaged in seasonal activities, such as admiring blossoming plum trees or collecting shells at the seashore. Beautifully drawn with delicate line work and fine detail, these lovely designs offer a wonderful view of life in Japan during the Meiji era. Some include deluxe publishing techniques such as silver mica, burnishing, or embossing.

Special detail - Silver mica accents on the girl's orange obi.

Artist - Toshikata (1866 - 1908)

Image Size - 8 1/8" x 12 1/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Nice color and detail. Backed with paper. Vertical centerfold, slight curling.

Shrine Visit, 1899 by Toshikata (1866 - 1908)
Shrine Visit, 1899 by Toshikata (1866 - 1908)

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