Confucius Shrine, Nagasaki

by Junichiro Sekino (1914 - 1988)

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Confucius Shrine, Nagasaki by Junichiro Sekino (1914 - 1988)

Original Junichiro Sekino (1914 - 1988) Japanese Woodblock Print
Confucius Shrine, Nagasaki

Junichiro Sekino, 20th Century Master - Junichiro Sekino was one of the leading artists of the twentieth century sosaku hanga, or creative prints, movement in Japan, in which artists themselves were involved in every aspect of printmaking. Sekino designed, carved, and printed his images himself, gaining an international reputation for his amazing range of subjects and techniques. A true 20th century master, Sekino's works are included in major museum collections around the world. His woodblocks are highly collectible and sought after by modern print collectors.

Comments - Beautiful aerial view looking down over the tiled rooftops of Nagasaki at the golden roof of the famous Confucius Shrine in the center. The bright yellow roofs and red building are surrounded by green trees, providing a colorful contrast with the muted tones of the structures in the foreground. A great example of Sekino's modern designs, beautifully composed and colored.

Signed - Jun. Sekino" in white ink within image, with red artist's seal, on "Jun Sekino" watermarked paper

Artist - Junichiro Sekino (1914 - 1988)

Image Size - 18 1/8" x 13" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent detail. Slight tape remnants on reverse at top edge from previous mounting. A few stains in margins.

Confucius Shrine, Nagasaki by Junichiro Sekino (1914 - 1988)
Confucius Shrine, Nagasaki by Junichiro Sekino (1914 - 1988)

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