Asakusa Kannon (Senso-ji), 1936

by Nouet, Noel (1885 - 1969)

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Asakusa Kannon (Senso-ji), 1936 by Nouet, Noel (1885 - 1969)

Original Nouet, Noel (1885 - 1969) Japanese Woodblock Print
Asakusa Kannon (Senso-ji), 1936

Noel Nouet - Noel Nouet was a French artist and poet who spent much of his life in Japan, initially working as a French teacher. He is known for his beautiful and intricately detailed views of famous places in Tokyo, originally drawn in pen and ink. Translating these scenes into woodblock prints required the work of master carvers painstakingly recreating each line. These lovely shin-hanga designs have a freshness capturing the lively quality of the original drawing, enhanced with soft color.

Comments - Beautiful depiction of Asakusa Kannon Temple, also known as Senso-ji. The majestic structure towers above the visitors thronging the grounds below. The walkway is lined with stalls and shops, and large paper lanterns hang from the eaves above the entrance gate. Wonderfully detailed with intricate line work, and lovely fresh color. A terrific view of this famous landmark.

Signed - Noel Nouet within image
Dated - 1936
Publisher - Doi Eiichi, later edition from the original blocks

Artist - Nouet, Noel (1885 - 1969)

Image Size - 14 1/4" x 9 3/8" + margins as shown

Condition - Excellent overall with no issues to report.

Asakusa Kannon (Senso-ji), 1936 by Nouet, Noel (1885 - 1969)
Asakusa Kannon (Senso-ji), 1936 by Nouet, Noel (1885 - 1969)