Matsuchiyama, 1869

by Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)

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Matsuchiyama, 1869 by Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)

Original Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894) Japanese Woodblock Print
Matsuchiyama, 1869

Series; Famous Places in Tokyo

Hiroshige III's Famous Places in Tokyo - Attractive design from a series depicting famous places in Tokyo, published over several years starting in 1868. Hiroshige III includes traditional locations and activities, as well as modern Meiji sights, such as Western style buildings and transportation. These lively scenes are filled with wonderful detail, carefully rendered with vibrant color and soft shading. A great look at the rapid changes taking place in Tokyo during the Meiji era.

Matsuchiyama, 1869 - Charming visitors at Matsuchiyama overlooking the Sumida River below. A man relaxes on a bench in a tea stand at left as a waitress brings a tray of tea. At lower right, a pair of beauties pauses on the paved stone pathway to chat, while the man behind them stops to read a notice board. An interesting composition.

Artist - Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)

Image Size - 13 1/4" x 8 5/8" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with good color and detail as shown. Loss and thinning at edges, repaired. Wrinkling throughout. Please see photos for details.

Matsuchiyama, 1869 by Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)
Matsuchiyama, 1869 by Hiroshige III (1843 - 1894)

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