Spring Snow

by Kiyonaga (1752 - 1815)

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Spring Snow by Kiyonaga (1752 - 1815)

Kiyonaga (1752 - 1815) Japanese Woodblock Reprint
Spring Snow

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Spring Snow - Lovely Kiyonaga diptych of young beauties in an elegant garden in the early springtime. Plum trees have blossomed and an unexpected spring snow covers the ground. The woman at left plucks a few pink flowers as her companion taps on an icicle with a slender pipe. A fantastic piece with lovely soft color and excellent detail. This large format diptych would make an attractive display.

Woodblock reprints - In the 20th century, artists and publishers collaborated to recreate famous woodblock prints for interested Japanese collectors and Westerners looking for rare designs. New blocks were made, and the prints were painstakingly printed by artisan printers in the same method as the 19th century originals - one block for each color. Woodblock reprints were an opportunity to collect and enjoy a famous design at a small fraction of the price of an original. They still are today.

Artist - Kiyonaga (1752 - 1815)

Image Size - 15" x 19 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with nice color and detail as shown. Two separate panels. Slight toning. Please see photos for details.

Spring Snow by Kiyonaga (1752 - 1815)
Spring Snow by Kiyonaga (1752 - 1815)

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