Nijubashi Bridge, 1898

by Nobukazu (1874 - 1944)

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Nijubashi Bridge, 1898 by Nobukazu (1874 - 1944)

Original Nobukazu (1874 - 1944) Japanese Woodblock Print
Nijubashi Bridge, 1898

Series; Famous Places in Tokyo
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Nijubashi Bridge, 1898 - Handsome depiction of the Meiji Emperor leaving the Imperial Palace in a royal carriage bearing the Meiji chrysanthemum crest. Two drivers sit on a bench draped with a red cloth trimmed with fringe, holding the reins and a whip as the horses walk along. Soldiers on horseback follow behind, carrying fluttering pennants while others stand at attention alongside the road. A crowd waves enthusiastically at lower right as they watch the emperor pass by. The arched stone Nijubashi or Niju Bridge can be seen behind them, with the towers of the castle rising above the stone walls. A beautifully detailed design with fine bokashi shading on the sky.

Artist - Nobukazu (1874 - 1944)

Image Size - 14" x 27 3/4" + margins as shown

Condition - This print with good color and detail as shown. Three separate panels. Vertical folds. Tear at edge, a couple holes, repaired. Creasing, slight curling, a few stains. Please see photos for details.

Nijubashi Bridge, 1898 by Nobukazu (1874 - 1944)
Nijubashi Bridge, 1898 by Nobukazu (1874 - 1944)

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